The Basics

When you take yourself to be a human being you suffer and you then want to be free of that suffering.  You search for some sort of wholeness or completeness that you think you are missing.  But what you are actually missing is the fact that you are already whole and complete right now.

Don’t mistake the fact that you are present and aware for being a human being.  This present awareness is what you really are and that in which a person appears.  You  can go by many names – consciousness, oneness, God, spirit, essence, natural state – but those are just words appearing in what you are.  Stop right here and notice that words are being read… that reading is simply happening.  This reading is not being done by a person, that is just an idea that introduces an unnecessary concept into the immediacy this moment.  This is the basic point to understand.

No technique can get you to a place where you will “wake up” because you are already awake, already in your natural state.  It only seems like this is not true because you are identifying with what is appearing in you – thoughts, emotions and sensations.  When you identify with these changing experiences you suffer – happy one moment; sad, depressed, angry or anxious the next and trying to find a way to get back to happiness.  Notice that your present awareness never changes, no matter what is appearing.  When you identify with this awareness that is your true self, the suffering is seen through.

Techniques and methods of inquiry can help to reveal the thought patterns that seem true, that seem like they belong to or are a separate self, but no technique can ever take you to your true essence because your true essence is always right here, no matter how much suffering is appearing.  This is the most important and most basic thing to see.  From here, techniques and/or inquiry may happen or not…

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